Matilda Character Descriptions

Matilda: An imaginative girl who is clever and wise far beyond her years. She has a thirst for learning that cannot be quenched. Gender: female / Vocal range: D5 to A3 

Miss Agatha Trunchbull: The tyrannical headmistress at Matilda’s school who despises children. Gender: both / Vocal range: G4 to  A2 

Miss Honey: Matilda’s kindhearted teacher. She is tired of living in fear under Miss Trunchbull. Gender: female / Vocal range: D5 to F3 

Mr. Wormwood: Matilda’s uncaring father. A slimy, greedy used-car salesman. Gender: male / Vocal range: A4 to D3 

Mrs. Wormwood: Matilda’s self-absorbed, negligent mother and an amateur ballroom dancer. Gender: female / Vocal range: F5 to A3 

Michael Wormwood: Matilda’s older brother. He is not very bright and favored by their parents. Gender: male / Age: 10 to 15 

Bruce: Matilda’s classmate. He is subject to extreme punishment by Miss Trunchbull. Gender: male

Lavender: Matilda’s classmate and friend. Gender: female

Mrs. Phelps: A nice librarian. 

Youth Ensemble: 8-10 talented young performers to play Matilda’s friends and classmates. Must be able to dance, act, and sing well. 

Adult Ensemble: The Escapologist, Cook Sergei, Henchman 1, Henchman 2, Henchman 3, The Acrobat, Doctor, Rudolpho, Amanda, Nigel, Eric, Alice, Hortensia, Tommy, Parents, Children’s Entertainer.


Adult Rehearsals – March 7 – April 18, 2020

Youth Rehearsals – Some Saturdays starting in January (TBD)

Tech – April 22-24, 2020

Performances – April 25 – May 10, 2020

Load In – April 21, 2020

Load Out – May 10, 2020

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