Here are a full season’s worth of Paypal buttons.

As you can see, the buttons are masked with Theatre Tulsa’s “Buy Now” graphic.
Clicking on a graphic will direct the user to the associated Paypal button with unique options and pricing.
Each of the buttons on this page is live, and can be tested prior to use. Edits should be made from within the TT Paypal account.

When you are ready to use a button…

  1. open the editing interface on this page

  2. select the markdown block that contains the button you wish to use

  3. copy its contents

  4. return to the page you wish to place the button on

  5. open that page’s editing interface

  6. paste the content you copied into a new markdown block

  7. save and test.

Full Season Early Discount

Subscription Options

Full Season Post-Discount

Subscription Options

Full Season Removed

Subscription Options

Broadway Series Removed

Subscription Options

Half Season

Subscription Options

Pick 3/4 Promo

Show Selection #1
Show selection #2
Show selection #3